Coming to you from Portugal!!! Yes, we’re on holiday for 10 days in the Algarve but we love this little podcast so much we’ve gone nomad and are recording from our little island in the sun.


In this episode Mattias, the other half of Littlebearabroad and the person who has put his heart and soul into building this pretty amazing website, takes the hot seat to talk about what it’s like to live with an immigrant. As a native, does living with an immigrant who is going through all the feels of living abroad impact your daily life? Do we immigrants have even more to feel guilty about?!


Secondly, we talk about an experience that we had whilst travelling to Portugal and it’s relevance to the Hague Convention. This is an incredibly important treaty that was established about 20-30 years ago and impacts thousands of people every day. has written about it and the issues surrounding divorce and seperation whilst living abroad.  We also, very briefly, touch on “stuck parents”. These are mums and dads who have become stuck in their country of immigration because of a custodial battle or issue with children whilst trying to return to their home countries. It’s hugely messy and made very complex by the Hague Convention and other country specific legislation.


If you’d like more information about the Hague Convention or about “stuck parents”, please reach out to Global Arrk (Global Action on Relocation and Return of Kids). They are a fantastic organisation who are championing the rights and tragic situations many parents have found themselves in whilst trying to relocate or get away from extremely difficult domestic situations abroad. In the future episodes we hope to be speaking with some of the leaders from Global Arrk.


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