When an international family resettles in Stockholm it’s often the case that the accompanying spouse and children are “left behind” in the transition. The feeling of isolation, alienation and lack of support structure in international assignments and relocations has been described as “living on the fringes of society and just surviving”.


Culture shock and the related anxiety can result in crippling mental health issues that lead to depression and often suicidal tendencies. According to the Society of Human Resource Management global international companies report a 63% failure rate in international assignments due to lack of spousal integration and acclimatisation.


You can read more about culture shock and expat mental health here.


Today’s guest is Franziska Engle from Mindfulness Stockholm. Her third culture kid experience and background in psychology offers an insight into the impact of culture shock. We also discuss how to come to terms with culture shock and how mindfulness can help over come the impact of it.


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