Fresh episode of the @the_swede_ish podcast!! Inspired by one of @thekatedit’s favourite podcasts #yourwrongaboutpodcast we asked you dear #swede_ishpodcast listeners on instagram and facebook to send us you’re favourite Swedish urban myths. And, of course, you wonderful listeners did not disappoint! Blood, gore, apartment grown potatoes, secret tunnelbana lines and why do the far right think Sweden is the rape capital of the world, and much much more. We’ve gone about debunking some of the weirdest ones and setting straight those that were surprisingly true (note, episode does contain discussions of suicide and senicide).

On a side note, we had a short gap in transmission 🎙as we were figuring out some scheduling things but episodes will be continuing to be released every Tuesday (in lieu of holidays). 📆 Also, sorry for the over personal posts recently… back to Podcast and #Swede_ish programming.

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The @the_swede_ish podcast is hosted by Jill Leckie and @thekatedit and edited by our crack sound editor @cessoo ❤️