In this weeks episode of Littlebearabroad – Surviving Sweden with Kids we talk about making friends abroad. We had loads of feedback and comments about this topic. It was all sparked by a conversation I had at the New Year with a friend who was coming to terms with the fact that some of her friendships she’d made were quite temporary. An issue that a lot of expat or transient, international families face.

So, what’s it really like making friends abroad; does it matter if your other half is native? How do the children cope making new friends, in a new language! And, what about making friends with the Swedes, why are they so cold and unimpressed?

Personally, I think Sweden gets a bad name when it comes to making friends and finding communities. It all boils down to them just doing things a bit differently. Sometimes, that comes off as being a bit colder or remote. But, as an international family/expat family trying to settle in Sweden you’d be forgiven for being put off making friends. But persistence and the knowledge that they’re actually just conditioned to be like that makes a big difference. Keep pushing!


In this episode we mention a couple of interesting items.


Lastly, our friends over at the podcast “i huvudet på ett barn” left us a message and you can find their podcast at the link above.