Learning languages… I dunno about you but I am RUBBISH at learning languages.. my French teacher in high school told me I was rubbish. Mind you, the only thing I remember about her was that she once told me that my eyes were almond shaped. That is the only thing I remember about French class. Oh, and how to say, “J’suis fille unique!”, obviously. So, of course, the best life choice for me was to meet a foreigner, and have a bi-lingual kid, ha!


I have always felt mega pressure when it comes to learning languages and get super stressed out by it all. I don’t understand these people that learn a language for fun…what!? Who are you? So, I thought it would be interesting to speak to someone who knows a bit more about it. Cue! Sofi Tegsveden Deveux from Bee Swedish, the amazing language and cultural training company based in Stockholm. The tag line on the front of their website is, “Honeymoon is over”…and they are that serious. They are the team you want in your corner when the fun has worn off, the cultural honeymoon has become a ball and chain and you need all the inspiration you can get to stick it out living in Sweden.


In today’s episode, I spoke with Sofi about the pressure we put on ourselves to learn a language, the motivation factor, the laziness factor and some great tips on how to keep yourself swimming whilst feeling like you are sinking.


I’m also delighted to share that Bee Swedish are going to start offering group courses in the next few weeks and months. You can find out more information on their website and via the Littlebearabroad.com website throughout December. You can follow Sofi and the rest of the Bee Swedish team via Instagram, Facebook and sign up to their newsletter.