Littlebearabroad podcast
Episode 13: Bumps, birth pools and babies

Our “Pregnancy in Sweden” series continues off the website and on the podcast. Jill is joined by Lisa and Sarah to discuss their “alternative” births in Sweden. Big Congrats goes to Elly Waller who gave birth to Rumi Waller just after this podcast was recorded YAY!!!

I feel especially proud of this one! Probably because it was our 13th episode and, of course, had all the bad luck in the world recording it. But, we got it up!


In Sept 2017 we started a feature on the website about birth stories from Sweden. We were totally inundated with people wanting to tell, but only a few people actually wrote them. You can find them on our Pregnancy in Sweden page. When Elly decided she wanted to give birth at home, we just had to find out more about how you went about it in Sweden. Out of that journey came the discussion with Lisa Ferland and Sarah Coats Chandler. Both of whom have given birth in their home country and in Sweden.


You’ll no doubt know Lisa Ferland, editor and publisher, from her curated collection of stories about pregnancy abroad, the Knocked Up Abroad series. You can purchase from Amazon, via this link.

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