I LOVE having guests on our podcast! It was so much fun talking to Courtney about her origin stories, her previous life and how that brought her to Sweden. What I really wanted was to get Courtney’s take on how to keep us, the adults, healthy this Winter. Was there any lifestyle changes that we could make immediately to set us on a good path for the rest of winter.


Her business, Living Healthy Happy is based around the three pillars of health; excercise, nutrition and sleep. Courtney’s straight forward, no-nonsense approach to a healthy lifestyle will have you reaching for the broccoli steamer before you know it. No fads, no ads, no quick fixes. Just plain old hard work and healthy eating. AND SLEEP!!! We’re all completely sleep deprived according to Courtney and she’s got evidence to back it up.


For all the information about Courtney’s business, Living Healthy Happy and Happy Sleepy Baby, click on these links. Courtney is also on Facebook and Instagram and you can follow her feeds for tid bits of information and advice.