#4 Ask the Doctor – Mar 2018

***TRIGGER WARNING*** ANYONE PHOBIC TO PARASITES OR BAD SOUND… we recorded this episode in the home of Dr James, had a great in depth chat about parasites in Sweden and at Förskola… and then realised that the mic had been on the wrong setting. So, loath to record again and miss all the good stuff. We hope you really forgive us! We’re on a steep learning curve with this new piece of equipment. Enjoy and listen to the end to find out what the format of future episodes are going to be like!

Really. Struggled. working on this podcast… in fact I put it off and off editing it until I had to. I’m squeamish about two things in life. Vomit and wriggly things. Especially, wriggly things that live on you. BLERGH! After a rash of head lice and pin worms at Förskolas all over Stockholm we agreed to put together a basic guide to parasites for the Barnakuten podcast.


Dr James, literally relishing the idea of being able to use visuals in this episode, I declined. But, the good news is, is that all of the parasites commonly found in Sweden are 100% treatable. PHEW. In the episode we talk about the most common, and about some that aren’t necessarily labelled as parasites but actually are, like Ticks.





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