To continue exploring the world of colour, light and movement at home after visiting the Moderna Museet I put together a small kit for creating your own DIY mobile…

What you need:

3 x pieces of wire for the frame
1 x spool of invisible wire
5 x pieces of coloured paper
4 x coloured pieces of string
1 x light refracting crystal

1. Lay the three wire frames on the table.

2. Taking two pieces of the coloured string, cut to an appropriate length (as you wish) and firmly tie the two smaller wire frames to the larger wire frame.

3. Choose 4 pieces of the coloured paper and cut or fold shapes from the paper. If you would like some tips on simple origami, take a look at these sites.

4. Thread the coloured string through your paper creations and tie firmly.

5. Using the spool of invisible wire, cut the appropriate length and tie firmly in the middle of the large wire frame.

6. Choose an appropriate place to hang, possibly a sunny window or bright corner of a room. Take the light refracting crystal and attach it to the middle of the large wire frame and allow to hang.

Perhaps think about adding more “layers” to the mobile and creating even more interesting shapes and shadows by using contrasting materials and colours.

Happy DIY’ing xx