Wednesday 22nd April, 20:30 – 21:30, your living room/bedroom, kitchen, wherever! via ZOOM meeting

Not sure about you, but my skin is going bonkers with the added stress of the current global pandemic, and because our previously planned beauty night had to be postponed until further notice, we thought of a way to bring the spa night, self-care direct TO YOU! We’re teaming up with Dana, skin and massage therapist, from Sugar Me Esthetics to take us step-by-step through an at-home facial routine.

How it works:

This event is FREE. We are not charging to host a ZOOM meeting and Dana isn’t receiving anything for hosting the event with us.

Spaces are limited. Due to the current situation, we’re using technology to help us bring this to you, sadly, not everyone can join. To make it the best possible digital event, we are limiting the spaces to 10 participants, not including our instructor or us, the host. To reserve your spot go to the “Add to basket” button below.

Once spots fill up, or no later then the Wednesday morning, participants will receive an email with the zoom meeting link as well as the list of items needed to participate in the full at-home DIY facial. I can tell you right now, most of the ingredients are likely already in your cupboards/fridge!


A green and sustainable focused beauty salon located in the heart of Stockholm. they offer a variety of spa treatments, including Sugaring, facials, and massage. Be sure to check out their website for full details on their services, products, and availability!