“Listen, I’m telling you, if you want the play thing to do the music thing press this button, not the turny, green thing”

Andy’s Lekland

I loved it!!! It was amazing! For months I’ve been avoiding it like the plague because these “soft play” centres have such dodgy reputations for being breeding grounds for toddler germs and general headache inducing chaos. Not a bit of it, now! The most exciting thing about this new find was that it was completely FREE (for all those under 2). 

As long as you get the timing right. Between 10-13 is perfect, avoid it at all costs at the weekends and bring your own coffee (like brewed dirt ! ). 

It is DEFINITELY going to become my “go to, in case of emergency, I’m loosing my mind” place. 

Massive thumbs up from me and Littlebear.