Åkpåse Liberation


I’ve done it! I plucked up the courage to free the buggy and stand tall in the face of adversity (scary, old Swedish women’s scowls) and pack the Åkpåse away…

If you’ve read my previous posts about Children’s winter gear in Sweden you will understand. The Scandinavian (Swedes) OBSESSION with packing their children up like mini marshmallow men for about 8 months of the year is RELENTLESS…

Its crazy, we’re easily reaching a comfortable 6 degrees in Stockholm, every day. Yet, the kids walking past my house are still dressed as if they were re-enacting Scott’s last expedition to the Antarctic. I NEVER remember being that well dressed in Scotland and it was “wet, cold” (only your proper Scottish Granny will know what that means). So, in a brave (bit stroppy) and determined moment, I tore the bloody thing off the Pram and marched out of the house.

And… guess what, WE SURVIVED!!!! The unthinkable did not happen. Littlebear did not get wet and suddenly spawn a set of Gremlins from her back or morph into a demented, stone, hell-hound. It’s bloody April for goodness-sake!

I’ll check back in with you by Thursday when she has a fever of 39.3 !?

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