It’s been an age since I’ve written anything heart felt or off the cuff. Partly because I haven’t felt the need but mostly because I’m so terrified it will offend, be taken out of context or used against me.

Life seems to be a bit like that these days. EVERYTHING has an agenda or an angle. You have to walk around like Inspector Clue trying to decipher “between the lines” or the alternate motive. But, the time has come for me to start curating a little blog of musings. I feel like I’ve got so much I want to talk about that will add to the Littlebearabroad community and website. I also want to add guest bloggers who will bring a totally fresh perspective.

Speaking of fresh perspectives – one thing I’m acutely aware of at the moment is politics. In the last 4-5 years I’ve been forced to be politically impotent (for geographic reasons, mostly) and within in that time the biggest political upheavals occurred in my home-country. And, now, I’m living in a country whose liberal and plural values are sliding into non-existence at an alarming rate. The rise of far-right, extremist neo-nazis attitudes and rhetoric is sickening. As a #proudimmigrant whose future is entwined with Sweden, it gives me the fear.

You’ll be hearing more from me on the blog about advocacy of women’s rights, particularly foreign-born women living in Sweden, children’s rights and immigration politics. Expect to also hear more about behind the scenes at Littlebearabroad and the growing agonies of trying to start a business in a foreign country that doesn’t really understand the point of what you’re trying to do.

Plus, the gloves are off – you might not agree with what I say, or how I say it. You may hate my tone or my appalling use of grammar. But, LBA is a safe space and I’ve always maintained that judgemental comments, bullying, trolling, hate and threatening language would never be tolerated. So, anything short of that – go for your life.

Jill x