Stockholm’s summers are packed with culture and music festivals. For example, did you know that Sommarburst and Popaganda have age restrictions? We’ve tracked down the best festivals in Stockholm this summer for kids, so you don’t have to.


Park Teatern

From the start of June until the beginning of September Stockholm’s outdoor and park spaces are taken over by theatre, dance, music and drama. Parkteatern is a brilliant initiative that makes theatre and music accessible to EVERYONE. It’s free to watch and the shows move around from space to space.


There is a kid’s program as well as an adult programme. You can find all the details of the kid’s program via Littlebearabroad’s event calendar.


Sommar på Söder

Södermalms Stadsdelning has intiated a calendar of events for 6-17 year olds throughout June and July.


There are activities taking place daily and weekly all over Södermalm. From organised team games, movie nights, outings to Gröna Lund and other inner city activities.


You can find out about the full programme and dates via the event in Littlebearabroad’s calendar.


Sacrebleu My First Film Festival

Littlebearabroad is delighted to announce its partnership with Sacrebleu in hosting their latest event, My First Film Festival.


The mini festival takes place between Mon 11th June and Thurs 19th June. Hosts will be managing the mini festival in multiple languages: Swedish, French and English. Jill, Founding Editor of Littlebearabroad will be hosting the English-speaking workshops.


Do you know any budding Filmophiles who would love to take part in their own Jury at a film festival?


EuroPride Sthlm 2018

10  years after the last EuroPride was hosted in Stockholm, the international festival takes place in Stockholm and Gothenburg once again this August.


The festival will be taking place over 10 days with multiple activities and events each day in Stockholm and Gothenburg. You can find details of the events in Stockholm and Gothenburg via You can find the highlights available on Littlebearabroad’s event calendar including the Pride Parade.


Summer Cinema

The long, light summer nights in Stockholm are the perfect setting for Stockholm Film Festival’s Summer Cinema events.


The 5 day mini-film festival takes place between the 15th August – 19th August. Unfortunately, the programme hasn’t been released yet. But, it is expected to be released by the end of June.


All of their events are set-up as “family-friendly” but of course, dependent on the film age recommendation.


Stockholms Kulturfestival & We Are Sthlm

Stockholm’s two culture festivals for younger audiences take place in the middle of August.


Aug 14-18th will host Stockholms Kulturfestival and We Are Sthlm. Each year, both festivals are themed. Both programmes are still being produced for the festivals but will be released in June.


You can keep up to date with their program release via Littlebearabroad’s calendar.


Barnens Ållsang

In the annual, summer tradition, Skansen’s Sollidenscenen bursts with music, singing, dancing and comedy. In addition to their adult programme, Barnens Allsång takes place every Sunday at 15:00.


A host of well-known guests will be welcomed by Alya and Yankho, SVT favourites from Bolibompa. You don’t have to pay extra to attend the performances but, unfortunately, you can’t reserve seats.



Taste of Stockholm

Taste of Stockholm or “Smak på Stockholm” is one of the countries biggest food and drink festivals. Attracting up to 350,000 visitors it hosts restraunts, food trucks and brands from all over the world.


You can taste test, meet some of the best restaurants, foodtrucks, bakers and local producers. The festival also boasts to being one of the most sustainable, encouraging guests and exhibitors to maintain the smallest possible carbon footprint.


Kungsträdgården Summer

As Stockholm’s central event and festivities space, Kungsträdgården, hosts some of the city’s most well known parties. And, not just in the summer.


Organised events and activities take place regularly every weekend. From food festivals and concerts to cross-cultural carnivals. You can keep up to date with Kungsträdgården’s calendar of events via the Stockholm Stad website.


Pippi flytter in... till Junibacken

And, finally…


Pippi Longstocking has finally found her way back to Junibacken. After a decade long absence, Junibacken and the Astrid Lindgren Foundation are welcoming the production “Pippi Flyttar In” back to Junibacken. It’s a big feat with 4 different casts and a whole new stage.


The show starts on the 6th June and a 4 day mini-festival will be taking place between the 6th – 10th June to celebrate the launch.


There is no additional cost to the entry fee to enjoy the show.

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