Valborgs celebrations
littlebearabroad's guide

Littlebearabroad’s guide to Valborg celebrations in Stockholm. All suitable for kids between 3+
***Trigger Warning*** be aware that many of these celebrations are EXTREMELY BUSY and there are lit torches, open flames and often (not always) fireworks. If you’re not sure, you can always watch them on TV (like me)


Valborg at Skansen

Skansen has celebrated Valborgsmässoafton since 1894. This year is no acception with their GIGANTIC bonfire being built on Solsiden terrace. The lighting of the bonfire will be accompanied by music and singing.


This year the celebrations will be hosted by Mia Skäringer, actress and comedienne, famous for appearing in films Solsiden and Hundredåringen.


The celebration starts at 15:00 and the full programme finishes at 22:00


Valborg at Rålishovsparken

This year’s Valborg celebration at Rålishovsparken is hosted by the Nema Problema Foundation alongside Stockholm Stad.

The Nema Problema Foundation is an association dedicated to integrating newly arrived foreigners with the help of established Swedes. They host events and meet ups in which newbies and natives are able to meet, make friends and have fun. Their primary goal is to strengthen integration processes and systems in Sweden at a grass roots level.

For the full programme of events at Rålishovsparken, follow this link.


Valborg at Vinterviken

If you are looking for a more intimate celebration – Vinterviken’s Trädgård is a good starting point. Ideal for children and young families, there are less crowds and a smaller bonfire.


For the full programme of events, follow this link.


Valborg at Ridderholmen

Celebrate the spring’s arrival at the most famous Valborg celebration in Riddarholmen.

  • Torch sales begin at 19:30
  • Torch train departs at 20:10
  • Bonfire is lit at 20:30 on Evert Taube’s terrace on Riddarholmen


Find out more information via their Facebook event.


Organizers: Södersossarna, New Community and ABF Stockholm.


Valborg in your area!

If you’re looking for a Valborg celebration in your area… you can check out your local Kommun’s website for more details.

Stockholm Stad has created a map of Valborg celebration locations of all over Stockholm län.


Check out the this link to get taken directly to the map.

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