Friday, 14:30, Blåkråkan Kvadrat, Roslagsgatan, 113 54

As of Friday, 12th June, we’ll be hosting the playgroup back at Roslagsgatan 57 at the grassy square in Blåkråkan Kvadrat. That is the little grassy square opposite the building we are located in. It’s super easy to access, there is a small play area with a sand pit and some toys. We’ll be providing the picnic blankets and cushions for outdoor seats.

Of course, everyone will have access to our changing facilities and our loos. We’ll also be providing coffee and tea but sadly we can’t provide any food.


The second thing that is going to be a bit different about playgroup going forward is that you’ll now have to book. I know this isn’t ideal and we appreciate that it takes away the spontaneity of it. But, right now, we all need to take a little bit more responsibility as we move around the city. By implementing a booking process we can manage the number of people attending playgroup and keep our community (you) and our staff safe.

As ever, even though the playgroup is outside, please refrain from attending if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, remain two meters apart and wash your hands and use hand sanitiser regularly.

Book your Friday international playgroup spot here.



It is a fantastic place to meet friends in a similar situation i.e. Anyone with young family, newly arrived in Stockholm with small children. I could not have survived the first year of expat motherhood without meeting friends through The International Playgroup. I would thoroughly recommend any new English-speaking parents to drop in and find out more about it. A very warm welcome and a cup of coffee is always on offer and someone is always willing to hold the baby while you pee!