Friday, 14:30, Roslagsgatan 57, 113 54, Stockholm


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we have made certain changes to our playgroup times and locations. We will now be hosting our playgroup outdoors whilst practising physical distancing.

Additionally, the playgroup will only be taking place 1 day a week, Wednesday at 10:30am. These changes will continue to be in place until Weds 3rd June, or until further notice.


If you haven’t already heard of The LBA International Playgroup and you’re in the playgroup way, you need this in your life. The LBA International Playgroup is the only English-speaking playgroup in Stockholm, open to children with an English-speaking parent from the age of 0-3 years. Littlebearabroad has been running the play group since Jan 2016.


The playgroup takes place in our LBA Studios, in Vasastan on:

Fridays between 14:30-17:00.


To comply with ongoing public health and safety requirements it is necessary for anyone wishing to attend playgroup to pre-book. We appreciate that this removes the spontaneity of coming to playgroup but for now we must manage the number of people attending. Because of these special circumstances no cancellation fee will be added if your booking is cancelled before the event begins.


Book your spot for playgroup here…


It is a fantastic place to meet friends in a similar situation i.e. Anyone with young family, newly arrived in Stockholm with small children. I could not have survived the first year of expat motherhood without meeting friends through The International Playgroup. I would thoroughly recommend any new English-speaking parents to drop in and find out more about it. A very warm welcome and a cup of coffee is always on offer and someone is always willing to hold the baby while you pee!